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Firm Description

Ulobby is a subscription-based platform developed for Public Affairs. The platform includes all functions necessary to build and maintain a professional PA-setup, including political monitoring, stakeholder management, and political intelligence.

With our automated political monitoring, you can be informed and productive at the same time. Our solution is based on machine learning to allow you to fine tune our tracking to your context by using political data.

Maintaining an overview of all stakeholder activities and ensuring coordination across the organisation is often challenging. Realising this, Ulobby has developed a stakeholder management-tool integrated with your own internal systems.

Ulobby touchpoints are designed to give users the complete view of the stakeholder landscape of their organisation. We help you visualise the impact and return on investment for public affairs work, to ensure that senior management consistently sees how public affairs is a business necessity.

Ulobby, founded in 2017, has offices in Copenhagen and Brussels, and serves clients all over the world.

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