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Quorum is public affairs software that helps you work smarter and move faster. How? By providing one place to map, track, change, and report on your policy landscape.

How Quorum Helps You Work Smarter?

Quorum supports stakeholder engagement, issues management, monitoring, and reporting – in the EU and globally.

  • Legislative Tracking: Obtain local knowledge with global expertise. You stay focused on your EU Dossiers while being informed on any legislative step that may impact your activity. You only receive tailor made alerts at EU level but also choose Germany, UK, US, Canada and many more…
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Retain institutional knowledge and avoid crossed wires. Identify the people who matter, manage your contacts, and keep a strategic overview of your external engagements – all in a CRM customised for public affairs.
  • Global Issues Management: Keep your team on the same page. Track your organisation’s progress on your policy issues with our easy-to-navigate information management system that works at the local, regional, and global level.
  • Dialogue Tracking: Never miss a mention. Set up real-time email alerts based on advanced keyword searching to get notified whenever your issue or organisation appears in the policy conversation – covering social media, legislation, press releases, and more.
  • Reporting: Measure your team’s impact and demonstrate your success with Quorum’s integrated reporting tools. Keep a pulse on how your efforts are moving the needle with clear, data-backed visuals, available in a matter of clicks.

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