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Lobium makes data work harder for Public Affairs.

We’re not in the business of creating more dashboards.

Nor in the business of firehosing more information to you.

There’s already enough information to achieve your goals. And you probably have enough dashboards too. Instead, Lobium focuses on solving your use cases, with the help of data science and AI. Use cases are the things you do to get results – week in, week out. Our tools help you do them quicker, or with added quality, or both.

Stakeholder-Issue Matrix – Need to do a stakeholder-issue analysis to find those coalitions in favour and against, on your key issues? We’ve got you covered. Manually you’d spend weeks on that, for one dossier. With our tool, you can quickly and easily view stakeholder positions on any EU consultation.

European Parliament Amendment Analyser – A thorough amendment analysis will take you ±5 days per dossier. With our tool you can do it in one day. No more copy-paste or CTRL+F through countless PDFs. Filter, cluster, and group amendments based on MEP, Political Group, article, keyword, priority, and more. Discover critical insights and patterns, using interactive graphs. And easily export all the intelligence to a spreadsheet.

The outcome of our tools is that your team can immediately go into the ‘higher value’ work: build your advocacy plan, meet with that crucial MEP, brief your client, your members, or senior management. Do the things that you do well…better.

Our clients are raving about this approach: solving use cases actually moves the needle for them; more dashboard don’t. One client told us: “with your tool, analysing amendments actually becomes enjoyable!”

Upcoming Releases

Our Roadmap for building new tools looks very exciting! Soon we’re releasing these tools:

Policy Reports Insight Engine – Use it to conduct stance analysis on any document or report with your topics instantly, and understand the direction of travel for upcoming Commission proposals.

EU Radar – Don’t rely on generic newsletters! Stay informed with customised updates tailored to your topics, ensuring you never miss critical EU news, events, or publications. Choose from over 100 EU institutions and their agencies to receive alerts at your preferred frequency.

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Also, we’d love to hear from you – what are your other use cases and pain points? For a very reasonable price, we can build that special tool for you that helps you get on the EU playing field, faster and better than everyone else!

To get in touch, visit or drop us a line at

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