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About Dods Political Intelligence

Firm Description

Since its establishment in 1832, Dods has been committed to providing accurate, reliable, timely, relevant, and impartial political, policy and regulatory information through a comprehensive suite of political intelligence services. We help our customers advance the political and policy priorities that matter most to them, their clients, members, or constituencies.

Political Monitoring

Our service offers customised support to meet your individual needs and priorities regarding political, policy and regulatory developments. Our dedicated consultants have relevant sectoral expertise across the board and can provide real-time alerts to always keep you up to date.

  • What the service includes: Now on a new platform, Dods Political Intelligence provides real-time policy alerts, diaries, legislative trackers, summaries of parliamentary debates, and policy information from 13,000+ sources in the UK, EU, France, and Germany
  • Coverage: UK, EU, French, and German political, policy and regulatory, developments across all policy areas and sectors
  • What to expect: Tailored support from sector-specific Political Consultants with fast, accurate and impartial coverage of over 90% of European Parliament debates and 70% of Committee sessions


Our team of sector specialist consultants are dedicated to delivering comprehensive analysis, tailored research, and unbiased advice on the latest policy developments and trends. We are here to assist you in navigating these changes with expertise and insight.

  • What the service includes: Timely and objective general and bespoke analysis of policy and politics
  • What to expect: Customised research on demand, including but not limited to lists of policymakers, political staffers, biographies of parliamentarians, stakeholder mapping, list of attachés, and tailored biographies.

Stakeholder Management – Dods People

Dods People EU, our regularly updated database of biographical and contact information for EU parliamentarians, is a spin-off from the original Who’s Who in Politics, established in 1832. It enables you to identify and address the right policymaking audience.

What the service includes: A comprehensive directory of over 16,000 EU professionals, regularly updated with contact details and biographical information


  • 10,000 EU institutional contacts
  • 6,000 EU Public affairs contacts
  • 400 EU media-related contacts

Social Media Monitoring – Dods Signals

Dods Signals is language agnostic and provides alerts and intelligence reports on key political developments and sentiments from over 5,000 critical digital media channels and influencers across the UK and EU.

  • Stay ahead of social media trends across your markets and get tailored intelligence reports delivered to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Easily identify key stakeholders in your area of policy interest and analyse their opinions and political shifts
  • Assess the impact of your communications and campaigns on policymakers and influencers

For further information and to request a complimentary trial, visit or contact us at:

UK customer service +44 207 593 5500

EU customer service +32 274 182 30


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