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About FiscalNote EU Issue Tracker

Firm Description

FiscalNote is the premier information services company focused on global policy and market intelligence. Our EU legislative and regulatory intelligence solution, FiscalNote EU Issue Tracker, combines cutting-edge technology with human analysis from our team on-the-ground in Brussels to help our customers not only respond to, but anticipate changes in EU policy.

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EU Regulatory Monitoring and Expertise

Get the #1 EU policy radar for your organization. FiscalNote EU Issue Tracker identifies future regulatory risks and policy initiatives before they become formal proposals. Stay ahead of policy developments, legislative proposals, and regulatory changes impacting your organisation’s key issues and operations within the EU.

  • Proactively monitor EU policy with our early warning system to identify regulatory risks and opportunities before they become formal proposals, mitigate exposure, and stay on top of critical and peripheral issues. 
  • Clear and concise information saves you time, so you can focus on strategic work. Access the latest EU legislative and non-legislative initiatives, future regulatory measures, automated AI meeting transcripts, the latest institutional updates in a year of elections, and our stakeholder directory to monitor and act on policy, all in one platform. 
  • As the #1 policy radar and analysis team in Brussels we capture the latest developments, timelines, and key documents of all EU dossiers to help you scan-the-horizon and navigate the issues impacting your organisation. 

FiscalNote’s Global Policy Tracking and Geopolitical Analysis

Proactively monitor trends arising from public policy worldwide and access geopolitical analysis and advisory services to anticipate the impact of political, economic, societal, and security risks on your organization.

Geopolitical analysis and advisory services. Get unparalleled insight into critical geopolitical trends affecting your organization. Our network of over 1,500 subject matter experts brings you tailored, impartial, and actionable insights. Our bespoke services enable leading organizations to understand complex political and macroeconomic environments impacting their strategy, operations, and investments.

Best in Brussels 2023/24 Report

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