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About FiscalNote EU Issue Tracker

Firm Description

FiscalNote is the premier information services company focused on global policy and market intelligence. Our EU legislative and regulatory intelligence solution, FiscalNote EU Issue Tracker, combines cutting-edge technology with human analysis from our team on-the-ground in Brussels to help our customers not only respond to, but anticipate changes in EU policy.

For more information on our EU solutions, visit FiscalNote.EU

EU Regulatory Monitoring and Expertise

Get the #1 EU policy radar for your organization. FiscalNote EU Issue Tracker identifies future regulatory risks and policy initiatives before they become formal proposals. Early monitoring mitigates your exposure to new and peripheral concerns, so you stay ahead of the complex policy-making process in the EU.

  • Acting as a force multiplier, analysis from our Brussels-based analysts helps you save time and focus on more strategic work. EU Issue Tracker informs you on the EU’s inner workings and captures the latest developments on dossiers across 14 policy areas.
  • Drive strategic policy decisions and outcomes. Our policy intelligence platform uniquely combines cutting-edge technology with human analysis giving you the information and expertise you need to identify organizational risks and opportunities.
  • Complete coverage of the EU Commission, Council, and Parliament, and the EU agencies at a granular level. Detailed timelines lay out each initiative’s procedure step-by-step.
  • Access powerful analysis on policy developments. Get clear and concise insights from our policy experts, covering all of the EU’s regulatory agencies at a granular level so you can easily follow individual measures.
  • Ad-hoc research possibilities and in-app support ensure users are given a fast, responsive way to directly connect with our team and are set up for success.

FiscalNote’s Global Policy Tracking and Geopolitical Analysis

Proactively monitor trends arising from public policy worldwide and access geopolitical analysis and advisory services to anticipate the impact of political, economic, societal, and security risks on your organization.

Best in Brussels 2023/24 Report

Best in Brussels is the first and only independent resource for organisations wanting to identify, compare and choose the best partners in Brussels for their advocacy needs.