ZN’s #EUInfluencer 2020

By ZN Consulting

Each year, ZN brings together communicators, policymakers, and social media influencers to share insights, tips, and tactics, and to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital. What’s more, this gathering is also about crowning the top EU online influencers across 12 key topics.

The event took place on September 2020. Because of the coronavirus, the event was hybrid, meaning that ZN’s CEO Philip Weiss, Senior Director & Hypermoderator Liora Kern and our technical team were at the office in person while panellists and participants joined online.

As in years past, ZN presented the #EUinfluencer ranking and organised a debate to discuss today’s most important topics, such as:

  • How has Covid-19 transformed digital influence in the last 6 months?
  • What roles do influencers play in protest movements such as BlackLivesMatter?
  • Is the EU Commission ready for a digital world?
  • How important are online influencers in the Brussels Bubble—do they matter?

In 2020, Philip and Liora presented the methodology of the ranking and moderated the discussion, which featured prominent online influencers, journalists, and thinkers such as Pia Ahrenkilde, Pablo Perez, Jennifer Baker, Marco Ricorda, Paul Nemitz, Alice Stollmeyer, Jon Worth, Lili Bayer, and Kriticos.

New this year: Although we ranked the top 40 EU Influencers, what is different from last year is that we included two additional categories—Covid-19 and Space!

So, let’s jump right into the ranking. ZN is proud to present this year’s EU Influencers!


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