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About Symantra

Key Specialisms

  • Member Platform / NextGen Extranet
  • CRM for associations
  • Data Platform
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital transformation

Brussels Office Since


Firm Description

Symantra is a Brussels-based digital agency specialized in 360 degrees solutions for EU Associations. Symantra’s innovative digital platforms are being used by many reputed Business/Trade Associations and non-profits in Brussels.

Symantra is the market leader in Digital Transformation of EU Business & Trade associations and non profits. The Members platform and CRM evolve continuously and are customizable to specific needs of each organization.

Symantra is focused on building digital skills into associations’ culture and streamlining internal processes, resulting in significant productivity gains for the staff.

Our clients are able to reduce up to 30% of their operational costs by hyper-automating activities related to Communications, Membership & Community management, Operations & Finance, Policy & Advocacy, Events & Certifications.

We have helped our customers provide a NextGen Digital experience to their members, taking the association to the next level in terms of member engagement.

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Our Products

Member Platform/NextGen Extranet

Symantra’s Member Platform has been a game-changer for membership-based organisations. It is the #1 Member Platform for Business/Trade association and non-profits across Europe.

Symantra’s Member Platform helps to improve member engagement, collaborate in real-time, and generate new revenues through personalized digital services.

All modules have been co-designed with the most reputed Business associations and nonprofits, across Europe. This NextGen Extranet platform works fully integrated with your digital ecosystem and your favourite tools.

  • Beautiful UI/UX for a secure and modern digital workspace.
  • You can choose among 25+ Building Blocks to create, automate,  and personalize your Member Experience Journey.
  • Exclusive Public Affairs features
  • Access anytime: on the Web, Email, or your branded Mobile App.
  • The highest cybersecurity standard
  • Deep integrations with the most popular software
  • Superfast migration
  • All data are stored in the EU. 100% GDPR compliant.
  • Hosted on ISO27001 Infrastructure

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CRM for Associations

A specialized CRM that is both powerful and easy-to-use for associations of all sizes and all sectors. Our CRM has the right integrations and automations to deliver more value to members & stakeholders.

  • The most user-friendly CRM in the market
  • Centralize all your contacts, whether members or external stakeholders.
  • Hyper-automate all your daily tasks related to Membership Journey management, Invoicing automation, Advocacy & Campaign automation, Events & Certifications management, Business Development…
  • Integration with most popular software & custom automations workflows
  • Superfast and perfect migration
  • The highest cybersecurity standard
  • All data are stored in the EU. 100% GDPR compliant.

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Cybersecurity Audit tool

Cyberattacks on Associations and PA organisations in Brussels have been on the rise.

The Cyber Auditing tool of Symantra helps:

  • To identify the main vulnerabilities across your digital ecosystem (Networks Vulnerability, Web, Databases, Firewall, Cloud security)
  • To receive alerts on malicious or anomalous patterns
  • To retain security signals to identify trends over time

Data Platform for smarter policy-making

Symantra’s Data Platform helps EU associations put data at the core of their value proposition and services for their members and stakeholders. Unlock the potential of your data for smarter policy-making. Spend more time exploring valuable insights and less on managing manual data processes.

  • Market Intelligence portal
  • Public Affairs portal
  • Interactive Stakeholder Mapping tool
  • Real-time custom Data Dashboards (Outreach KPIs, Operations & Finance KPIs…)

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

The Member platform developed by Symantra to manage members has been a game-changer for DIGITALEUROPE. For the first time, we have been able to provide a transparent, professional, and coherent service to all of our members while freeing up a lot of time from our staff to focus on the policy work instead of administrative procedures. Since Symantra’s Member platform is used for several other Trade associations, it constantly evolves and we can benefit from best practices as we scale our operations.


Symantra has been the best partner to reach our goal of a better member experience. Symantra’s platform has helped us with insights into our members’ needs and priorities. We have definitely gained time in administrative tasks, we are managing all the digital tools with a centralized interface. The fact that we are using a platform that addresses specific issues of other associations in Brussels is a huge benefit for us.

CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers)

It was a pleasure working with  Symantra, transition was very smooth and execution flawless (Member Platform, CRM, interconnected digital tools).


We have used Symantra’s platform for 300 organizations (Mainly National Olympic Committees and National Sports Federations) across 25 countries as part of a collaborative project. We highly recommend Symantra’s platform as it is intuitive, cost-effective, and easily customizable to your needs.

European Olympic Committee

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