Knowledge & Training

The two Brussels’ leaders in relevant skills and knowledge development for lobbyists are the European Centre for Public Affairs (ECPA) and the Public Affairs Council (PAC).

There also exist numerous private initiatives ranging from the relaunched European Training Institute (ETI) to Quadriga’s public affairs courses.

Consultancies and Law Firms also offer bespoke sessions on any subject ranging from media training to comitology.

European Centre for Public Affairs

Led by public affairs veteran Christophe Lécureuil, the ECPA is a Brussels-based public affairs think-tank focused on best practice in public affairs. Through a broad spectrum of activities and events the ECPA provokes debate and improves understanding between business, NGOs, academia and the EU Institutions. The ECPA offers its Members and invited guests a full programme of rolling events which cover:

  • Best Practice and Dialogue – The ECPA Masterclass Series provides an opportunity to hear from leaders and experts drawn from industry and the EU Institutions in a challenging and informative dialogue.
  • Training and Skills Development – The ECPA offers an ongoing series of case-study based one-day trainings which are designed to ensure an outcome of practical knowledge and issue handling based on best practice in the profession today.
  • Insight and Networking – Corporate Circle. Their Members’ Only round table debates provide a unique forum for debating and reflecting upon external factors which impact on public affairs activities, and how we respond to political, economic and social challenges. Held under Chatham House rules, Members discuss a broad range of live issues with senior professionals in their field.

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Public Affairs Council

Headquartered in Washington, and led in Brussels by the dynamic Andras Baneth the Public Affairs Council (PAC) offers relevant knowledge-development and skills training. PAC has a history dating back to 1954 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower convened a meeting of corporate executives to encourage them to become more active in their communities and in the political process.

Globally more than 700 leading corporations, non-profits, associations, consultants and universities belong to the Public Affairs Council. These organisations represent nearly 10,000 public affairs professionals. PAC offers international public affairs education programmes to gain expertise and connect with peers. They host a wide array of live programs in both Washington, D.C., and Brussels, as well as webinars and virtual training workshops.

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