‘European Association Remuneration’ Ellwood Atfield


European Association Remuneration Report

The new twenty-four page 2017 European Association Remuneration Report is dedicated to the 2,265 associations based in and around Brussels, which have a total estimated annual income of €2.9 billion and employ 13,400 people. Ellwood Atfield Brussels specialises in the recruitment of Directors General and senior secretariat staff who typically lead policy, communications or regulatory functions. Therefore, this report focuses on compensation for the more senior grades where we have the most substantive data, including from a detailed recent poll of 210 secretariat staff. The key finding of our previous remuneration analysis was that salaries in Brussels vary enormously. Again we found this to be the case with associations, across all levels of seniority. There are a number of new elements presented here, including job satisfaction. Notably, according to our 2017 study of senior staff in Brussels-based European associations, almost three-quarters reported being happy or very happy in their jobs.

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