Best intelligence systems

The best public affairs operators know how to employ digital tools to complement their real world stakeholder outreach and early-warning digital systems for policy intelligence. Here are some of the best in Brussels public affairs intelligence systems for clients:

Subscription Systems

Specialist Regulatory Intelligence

There are a number of regulatory intelligence service providers that track and analyse areas of EU policy for specific sectors.

For instance, Cullen International helps organisations gain insight and clarity on the latest developments, and get a global perspective on regulation and competition law, across the telecoms, media, digital economy and postal sectors.

Useful free tools

Euractiv, New Europe, Euronews, EU Observer and Politico are some of the leaders of free to consume news online sites that rely on advertising and sponsorship for funding.

In addition there are a number of free-of-charge EU-oriented sites that might provide the information you are looking for, including:

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