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Digital Public Affairs

The digital public affairs landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. Policy audiences now look to a range of on and offline channels to gather information, debate issues and ultimately influence policy outcomes. There are a number of digital thought leaders in the larger consultancies, notably Steffen Thejll-Moller of RudPedersen, Philip Weiss, ZN CEO and Brett Kobie who really drive best practice in Brussels.

Indeed, ZN were digital before it became the defining aspect of the 21st Century, and they’re still leading thought development in the EU arena on how to use digital tools for reaching out to stakeholders. They have conceived and implemented successful communication for many demanding clients, from European associations to major corporate customers, not forgetting the largest group in the European Parliament and the award-winning #DiscoverEU campaign.

Multimedia Agencies

There are a number of digital design and multimedia agencies who are well versed with EU public affairs. Karakas and Morris & Chapman are two particularly well regarded firms in this space, but there are others, including up and coming agencies The Right Street and Symantra.

Morris & Chapman is a Brussels based communication agency specialised in developing on and offline communication solutions for institutional and corporate clients, Fortune 500 companies and trade associations.

Karakas started life over twenty years ago as a brand, print and advertising agency, working for trade associations and multinationals. Over the years, they have morphed into a full service digital agency expanding their client base to include think tanks, NGOs, startups and multinational organisations.

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Digital Platforms & Apps

There are numerous digital platforms, tools and apps that enable EU public affairs practitioners expand their reach, and work smarter and faster. For instance, many European associations have undergone a digital transformation over the last year, to increase membership engagement, offer new services and harness data analytics. One of the Brussels pioneers in this space is niche agency Symantra.

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