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About Quorum

Firm Description

Quorum is public affairs software that helps our clients work smarter and move faster.

In Quorum, you can map, track, change and report on the policy landscape, all in one place.

You’re able to work smarter when you can map the issues and people that matter most to your organization and track real-time updates on important legislation, issues, and dialogue. As things happen, you can see the impact and make decisions about how to react.

You’re also able to move faster to create change. Quorum has powerful tools to help you mobilize stakeholders, advocates, and policymakers to move the needle on your issues. You can also move faster with smart reporting tools that make it easy to understand your impact and demonstrate it for stakeholders.

We pride ourselves in our ability to help solve problems for public affairs professionals better than anyone else.

What makes Quorum different?

First, Quorum provides an integrated platform, so you can receive information and execute strategy, all in one place.

Second, Quorum offers unlimited and tailored customer success. Your customer success manager will work with you throughout the year and our on-site support team will provide fast answers to any questions you have along the way. We applied customer feedback to build best in class software and that’s how we get better at helping you work smarter and move faster, year after year.

Our Products:

Quorum has a suite of seven products which are all fully integrated to provide a seamless experience. We help 1 to 100+ person teams set strategy, track and evaluate ongoing campaigns, and articulate the ROI of the public affairs function.

  • Quorum EU (Europe)
  • Quorum Stakeholder (Global)
  • Quorum International (Global)
  • Quorum News Monitoring (Global)
  • Quorum Grassroots (Global)
  • Quorum Federal (US)
  • Quorum State (US)
  • Quorum Local (US)

Engage With Officials: Connect with officials and staff across the European institutions with up-to-date contact information, full biographies, and an integrated email platform so you can easily send personalised messages.

Follow The Conversation: Keep track of how your issues are being discussed by European officials across social media, parliamentary questions, speeches in plenary, and more. Then follow along with relevant legislation as it passes through the institutions.

Report on Your Efforts: Use data to inform your strategy with auto-updating reports and visualizations to identify emerging developments and track trends. Illustrate the success of your team’s efforts with easy to create ROI reports.

Our Platform

Quorum helps EU and global public affairs professionals plan, execute, and evaluate public affairs campaigns by integrating issues management, stakeholder engagement, and monitoring all in one place.

Stakeholder Engagement

Make sure you retain institutional knowledge and avoid crossed wires. Manage your contacts and external engagements in a CRM customized for public affairs and send updates on the work your organization is doing with integrated reporting tools.

Global Issues Management

Quorum is an easy to navigate information management system that works at the local, regional, and global level. Keep your team on the same page by tracking in real time how your organization is making an impact on your policy issues with issues management.

Dialogue Tracking

Important dialogue begins well before the formal legislative process which is why Quorum tracks social media, press releases, and more to give you early warning signs and alert you to trends in the conversation throughout a campaign. Set up email alerts to ensure you never miss a mention of your issue or organization by important stakeholders.

Why Quorum?

Interested in learning more about how Quorum can help you work smarter and move faster? Reach out to

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