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FiscalNote is a global technology and media company focused on delivering timely and relevant policy information in a complex and evolving world. More than 4,000 clients worldwide rely on FiscalNote for policy news & analysis, tracking, stakeholder management, collaboration and advocacy tools.


FiscalNote’s EU legislative and regulatory intelligence solution, EU Issue Tracker (EUIT), combines cutting-edge technology with human analysis from their team on-the-ground in Brussels to help customers not only respond to, but anticipate changes in EU policy.

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Our Products

EU Issue Tracker

What good is a safety net with holes in it? You need a systematic, obsessively complete approach to intelligence that saves you time so you can focus on more strategic work.

Systematic Dossier-Specific intelligence – You don’t have time to do systematic monitoring – or at least you shouldn’t. Leave the baseline intelligence to us and invest the time you’ll save into adding specific value for your organisation that only you can provide.

Distant Early Warning of Future Regulation – We are unique in systematically informing you of what the EU institutions and regulators are working on, planning, and even merely considering in terms of future policy initiatives. All the information is available in an online platform custom-tailored for each user.

Precise Summaries via Email or Our Platform – Succinct summaries written with clarity and authority. You need to know what’s going on. But you don’t have time to read endless amounts of text from multiple sources. We update you with a summary email when your dossier moves, along with all the key documents.

FiscalNote Platform

FiscalNote solutions bring together what every organisation needs to survive in today’s environment — an unmatched combination of global data, insightful analysis, and powerful workflow tools.

Issues Management: FiscalNote’s Issue Management solution enables colleagues to work in issue teams on policies or issues that matter to them. Our policy monitoring of 20+ countries and project management tools empower teams to collaborate on risks and opportunities. Working on issues in the FiscalNote platform automates monitoring, reduces the volume of unnecessary emails, prevents duplication of effort, and improves coordination of policy messaging.

Stakeholder Management: FiscalNote provides seamless and intuitive tools to identify, manage, and map stakeholders to key opportunities and risks. Users can access pre populated profiles of legislators across the world or add their own contacts through bulk upload or using the FiscalNote business card scanner on a mobile phone. Voice dictation technology enables busy professionals to disseminate intelligence while on the move using the FiscalNote app.

System of Record and Reporting: FiscalNote helps organisations avoid institutional knowledge loss when staff leave or are not always sure who information should be shared with. We designed the platform to encourage teams to collaborate and share information in a way that enables automated reporting on issues, stakeholder relationships, and team impact. With a few clicks users can generate attractive reports that illustrate a team’s return on investment.

Why FiscalNote’s EUIT?

To find out more about how we can free your time for more strategic work, improve team alignment and knowledge retention please get in touch for a demo via

2021 Global Policy Report

Your Guide to the Top Policy Issues Around the World. A breakdown of the 12 busiest countries within the global FiscalNote legislative ecosystem.

While 2020 was a year of turmoil and change due to the pandemic, health and COVID-19 were not the top policy issues for every country around the world.

In FiscalNote’s 2021 Global Policy Report, they mobilized their platform and in-house analysts to bring you a deep dive into the top 5 policy issues in 12 of the busiest countries, based on data in the global FiscalNote legislative ecosystem.

Click here to download the report today to learn what the top issues were and review the policy trends FiscalNote captured from around the world.


Best in Brussels 2021 Report

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