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Richard Sterneberg

Richard Sterneberg, Partner


My Job

I look after some of our most exotic clients… and am proud to help them get their messages across to global policy makers

My Experience

20 years in Brussels and always in a consultancy except for a short stint  in the EU Institutions…

My Proudest Achievements

Having the German chancellor for a special client event in Germany. It was without a doubt a complete turning point for their sector and reputation.

My Education

Utrecht in NL, Law degree and LLM.

My Languages

Eng, NL, FR and German

My Interests outside work

Love sports and being outside — 4 kids who will soon be out of the house so enjoying it while I can 😉

My Favourite Brussels anecdote

Have always loved being slightly contrarian and bringing down stupid regulation… and Brussels is the place to do it — in every part of your daily life there are bureaucratic hurdles…Never concede, do something about it!

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