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Firm Description

International Dialogue Advisors (IDA) Group is a specialized advisory firm for governmental affairs, reputation management, trade relations and corporate diplomacy. We utilize our political and regulatory expertise to enable and protect the business of our clients and deliver measurable results.

We help our clients engage in an effective dialogue with political and private stakeholders in order to resolve issues, optimize legislation, minimize the impact of regulatory developments or overcome trade barriers.

Our diverse team of experts and advisors includes seasoned diplomats, politicians, economists, journalists, lawyers and designers. Our efforts are supported by a global network of trusted partners.

Ownership Structure

Independent firm, owned by Stefan Borst (Brussels) and Holger Knappenschneider (Berlin)

International Structure

Thanks to our global network of partners, IDA Group can offer our clients a wide range of comprehensive and impactful services in many international locations. We have offices in Brussels, Berlin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Munich, Paris, São Paulo, Shanghai, Tokyo and Zurich.

Key Strengths

Dialogue is at the core of everything we do, both within the client’s own structures as well as towards external stakeholders.

We excel in integrating our work processes into those of our clients, effectively enhancing and expanding their own capabilities as the situation requires.

We utilize our legal, media, political and procedural expertise to translate our client’s interests into the language of policy makers. We tailor advocacy strategies to be impactful and to tackle regulatory challenges.

We utilize our broad network for political and business intelligence.

Every member of our team adds something unique to our range of capabilities and expertise. Our Managing Partner in Brussels, Stefan Borst, has over thirteen years of experience in the EU’s capital and a wide and robust network across EU institutions, trade associations and European media. Holger Knappenschneider, our Managing Partner in Berlin, has over twelve years’ experience in international negotiations, trade relations and business strategy. They are supported by a host of sectoral experts and advisors with knowledge and experience in the fields of Public Affairs, Public Relations, Trade and EU funding.

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Key Clients

LANXESS, ARLANXEO, IEVA, Hilti AG, ABB, Apex-Brasil, Port of Burgas.

Thought Leadership

IDA believes in the digitization of the Public Affairs practice. We have developed tools to automate and speed up the monitoring processes of our clients without a loss in quality. In 2019 we will expand this side of our services further.

We have developed a new platform for Security and Defence bringing together institutions, think tanks, industry and the military to develop executable concepts to close capability gaps across the EU.

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