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Firm Description

We are a versatile and multidisciplinary 9-people team with extensive experience in Brussels, composed of: former EP and EC advisers; C-level staff of EU Associations/ Agencies; Representatives of public sector, both at Government and local levels; and private sector, e.g. law firms, business consultancies and corporate communications. We define tailor-made strategies for our clients, which are boosted by an exhaustive and internally developed monitoring system of all EU-related initiatives.

Ownership Structure

Independent firm co-founded and owned by former MEP, Luís Queiró, and Journalist and Political Adviser, Henrique Burnay

International Structure

The partnerships built throughout these 10 years are our most valuable asset and one that we nurture on a daily basis. We would like to highlight the ones with the Portuguese Catholic University, Kent University, Porto Business School, Nextlaw, Portugal Network, and the on-going participation in international EU projects: DRIVES (Erasmus +) and Bundle-Up (Horizon 2020).

Key Strengths

By partnering with us, our clients learn how to tell their story in an effective way. Firstly, we know Brussels’ fast-paced landscape and institutional specificities, thus we identify the right interlocutors across a wide range of sectors. Secondly, we help them to bring added value to policy-makers, to question themselves “in what way can I be useful?” instead of “what can the EU do for me?”. Hence, we advise them on how to collect and present data on the right timing, while bringing the right mix of enthusiasm, experience and perseverance.

Number of Public Affairs Consultants


Key Clients

GALP, Banco Comercial Português, Associação Portuguesa de Bancos, CEiiA, Sintra Municipality

Thought Leadership

We established long-standing collaborations with private and public sector entities to organize iconic events in Brussels, such as the Innovation Sessions that, once per year, together with the Portuguese Trade and Investment Agency and other partners, show cases sectorial best practices (e.g., Aeronautics & Space, Health Care), or Portugal Network, that, since 2009, brings together, twice per year, +100 Portuguese working at the ‘Brussels bubble’. We also have informal partnerships with Universities, e.g. Portuguese Catholic University and Oxford, with whom we organize Intensive EU Affairs Seminars.

Testimonials and why clients like to work with us

“They understand two fundamental things in EU affairs: business needs and policymaking.”
Rui Pedro Batista, Head of Communications and Brand – The Navigator Company

“No one better to guide you in Brussels.”
Victor Lino Mendonça, Mylan

“Eupportunity is a highly professional and dedicated team, and we have worked together in setting up a very successful european initiative – The Innovation Sessions”. Their knowledge and expertise on European matters, their network contacts was crucial for the organization of the events, covering a wide set of sectors (aerospace, renewable energy, mobility, digitalization, health, among others).”
Maria Manuel Branco, Director,  Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency | Brussels & Luxembourg

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