Best consultancies

There are 265 public affairs consultancies in Brussels on the EU Transparency Register.

BestinBrussels highlights the following Top 75 EU Public Affairs Consultancies, grouped as mid-to-large consultancies and boutiques with strong track records in their specialist sectors, services and policy areas.

By clicking on each participating firm’s link below you will access key information including contact details, their specialisms and client testimonials. For further information please visit their websites and entries on the EU Transparency Register.

Leading Mid-to-Large Consultancies

Leading Boutiques and Specialists

In addition to the Consultancies highlighted above, we recognise there are great people doing good work for their clients across a number of other firms. Unfortunately there is not space here to mention everyone.

There are 3 other important Mid-to-Large Consultancies in Brussels who declined to feature in BestinBrussels: Cambre, EPPA and Portland Communications.

In addition there are 14 smaller Brussels teams to be commended at; Aula, EU Focus, EUK Consulting, Euros/Agency, FLINT, Hanbury Strategy, Inline Policy, Lighthouse Europe, Lysios Public Affairs, Miltton Europe, Passerelle EU, 365 Sherpas, Shearwater Global and T&P Consulting.

Together these are the Top 75 EU Public Affairs Consultancies highlighted by

Best in Brussels 2021 Report

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